People Living in Condos on Las Vegas Strip

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Real Estate

People living in condos on Las Vegas Strip have the opportunity to take in many different activities, because the shows are located nearby. You can take in a different show each night if you want.

Featured Shows

In March 1905, attendees went to the first show on the Strip. Since then, almost every top performer has taken to the stage in Las Vegas. If you want a show that displays the music of many top artists, consider how close you are to the Legends in Concert show when you live in a Las Vegas Strip condo. Alternatively, you may want to listen to a modern-day legend, such as Terry Fator, perform. Of course, a night listening to the Blue Man Group sing is always entertaining. Many performers also come to the Strip to perform on a regular basis, including Celine Dion, Jersey Boys, and Smokey Mountain.

Magic Shows

Penn and Teller have been performing on the Strip since 1993, making it one of the longest-running shows there. Those living in condos on Las Vegas Strip can see these two men perform magic tricks that defy the mind, like eating a Las Vegas showgirl and a cow, wielding weaponry, and much more. Often, even after the pair explains how they perform the act, the audience is still left in amazed puzzlement. Of course, Penn and Teller are not alone. David Copperfield, Criss Angel, Dirk Arthur, and Jan Rouven all perform on the Strip.

Live Theater

Many people enjoy going to the Strip to watch live theater. One of the most popular live theater shows in Las Vegas is Menopause, which takes a comedic look at the changes in life that every woman must go through. Meanwhile, one of the most gruesome shows on the strip has Ash taking attendees through the Evil Dead universe. Those looking for some steamy romance will not want to miss 50 Shades The Parody.

Showgirls and Guys

Close to 100 showgirls and guys take to the stage for Jubilee, one of the longest-running shows on the Strip. Watch as the history of the Strip comes to life, as this fast-paced show packs the stage with sensual numbers. Additionally, the six scantily clad female dancers of X Burlesque keep audiences entertained nightly.

When you live in condos on Las Vegas Strip, you can enjoy seeing a show every night, since it is within walking distance. Regardless of the type of show you enjoy, there is always something exciting happening on the Strip. Many people are amazed at how inexpensive condos on the Strip are to buy, and you will have no upkeep of a home.

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