3 Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right Short Term Apartment

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Real Estate

When you are in a position in your life to seek short term housing, it is important that the short term apartment community you join is convenient, comfortable, and luxurious. The three questions below can guide you to determine whether you’ve found the right spot.

1. Do You Love the location?
Whether you are spending a very short time one weekend in an apartment rental or returning to it regularly for a corporate rental, it is important that the location pleases you. The setting of your life matters, even if it’s only for a few days. You might be interested in the apartment’s convenience to business hubs or city centers- ask yourself, is it easy to access transportation from here? Or you might also be interested in the natural setting- if you look out the window or take a walk, what view greets you?

2. Is it Comfortable?
More than mere comfort, seek out luxury. Short term furnished apartments that are full of lush, comfortable furnishings are the way to go. In an apartment where the furnishings and interior design elements have been carefully selected, you can feel at home and well cared for. Especially for those of us who need these short term furnished apartments for work trips, being able to indulge and relax in a beautiful and well-designed setting is key.

3. Are there any extra amenities?
Your stay at a short-term apartment should feel luxurious and also like your home away from home. If you want to work out, swim, or have coffee in the morning while faxing a report, these services should all be included and available to you. Some luxury apartments even have built in movie theaters! According to the Apartment Guide Blog, “It’s best to know exactly what is and isn’t included in order to determine the…cost of living there.” A short term apartment that provides basic utilities as well as free Wi-Fi to guests is probably a good place to stay in terms of getting quality utilities for the money.

Choosing a short term rental is a very personal decision, and no one else can make it for you. Pinnacle Furnished Suites in Chicago can meet all your luxury short term apartment needs. Regardless of your length of stay, needs, or priorities, this list of questions can guide you in the selection process or at least remind you what questions you might need to be asking.

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