What to Look For In Apartments In Upper West Side NYC

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Real Estate

Looking for apartments in Upper West Side NYC can be really tricky, because there are so many interested buyers. Here are some tips that will help you in getting organized, setting your priorities right and will help you to stay focused.

Narrow Down the Search

Since you have already chosen the area, it is a good idea that you focus on the neighborhood. You should choose a place that has friendly neighbors. Furthermore, look at the factors like ease of transport and the price of the property. Take out some time, and explore the upper west side to see what the area is really like.

Identify Your Priorities

Out of all your priorities, your budget should come right at the top. Your other two priorities can include anything from proximity to work, to the availability of amenities in your housing unit. If you are unsure about what your priorities are, then make a list and cancel out the things one by one until you are left with only three things.

Keep a Track of All the Listings

It may be possible that you will have to visit several apartments in one day, which will make it hard for you to remember them. In order to overcome this problem, make a checklist and take a picture of the apartments that you have visited.

Be Prepared

Make sure that you are prepared to fill out the application work, sign a lease and put down a deposit. Have all the information that you will need to fill out the rental application, and don’t forget to take your checkbook along to the open house. Just in case, take the copy of your credit report, because a lot of sellers run their own security check. By being prepared, you will be ahead of the rest of the competitors.

Learn About the Hidden Costs

If you are renting an apartment, then you can consider asking the following questions:

  • Are the utilities included?

  • Do I need to pay a fee to use the amenities?

  • Is there any emergency fee that I need to pay?

Use Your Senses

If you smell something weird, or hear noises then there can be a problem with the apartment. Attend a daytime open house so that you can scrutinize the place.

Be a Little Nosy

You can check the closets to have a rough estimate about the storage space, and can also explore the kitchen and the bathroom to look for signs of mold.


If you plan on living in a place for long, then don’t forget to negotiate. Ask the landlord to lock the current rent for a longer period of time, and ask them whether you are allowed to make improvements to the place.

Make Sure That Your Furniture Will Fit

If you have a special piece of furniture like a piano and a canopy bed then it will be disappointing to learn that it won’t fit in your new apartment. Take a measuring tape along to the open house to see whether your belongings will fit or not.

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