How Safe is Your New Rental Property?

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Real Estate

Safety is not something that is typically considered a luxury; however, when money is limited, the basics can slip. Many homeowners have now become landlords simply because they were unable to sell their home. In these situations, they have little or perhaps, no knowledge of the code requirements and safety regulations. This means that if you are searching for rental properties in The Woodlands, you need to ensure they are safe.

Smoke Detectors

These offer the largest amount of protection possible, and they are necessary to have for any home or apartment. They must all be in working order, if there is damaged or missing smoke detectors, then this should be a red flag and pose the question of what other important safety issues that might have been overlooked.

Emergency Exits

There is no dwelling that is going to be fire resistant and the fact is that accidents happen every day; however, there are a number of multiunit apartment buildings that pose the additional risk of being at a bigger risk for fire than single dwelling units. No matter the actual location of your rental properties in The Woodlands, you should ensure that there is at least two minimum accessible exits.

Electrical Wiring

Each year there are over 53,000 residential fires attributed to faulty wiring. It is important to ensure that the apartment or home that you are considering renting is up to code in regards to electrical wiring. Things to check include:

* Are extension cords being relied on due to insufficient outlets?
* Are there broken switches or outlet covers?
* Is there discoloration around the outlets?
* Are there any cords sticking out?


When you are visiting the apartment or other rental properties in The Woodlands, and you are considering renting, then you should look to see if egress windows have any type of breakaway latches on the interior? In addition, do the ground level windows or the ones near fire escapes have the appropriate type of locks on the exterior? If you have any children, you should also ensure that the windows and screens have locks that are childproof.

Gates and Doors

When living in a multiplex, it is important to ask if the common entries are locked so only residents can enter. Also, if they offer any security for the common areas. For example, does the swimming pool include childproof gates and if the lock to your apartment has been changed since the last tenant moved out.

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