The Selling Benefits Of Editing Your Living Spaces

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Real Estate

If you live in Houston, open houses are one of the means to showcase your house. The problem is, too many home are not ready to be viewed. Even if they have everything a viewer want; even if everything is in top place, it may be hard to see it. The reason – too much stuff. If you want to sell, you are just going to have to edit your living space. In a single word – declutter.

Prior to Planned Open Houses

Long before any of the planned open houses are to occur, you need to take a good hard look at all your living spaces. You need to ask yourself several questions. Do not take action, though on your own. It is important that everyone who lives in the house understands the necessity for cleaning up the space. You will need the cooperation of the entire household. If a consensus cannot be reached, your Houston house may spend a long time on the market.

What to Ask Yourself

View each room singly. Stand in the doorway and try to look at it with fresh eyes. If necessary, bring in a critical friend. Whatever the means, it is important that you pose the following questions:

1. Is this room overcrowded?

2. Can I remove a single piece of furniture from this room? How about more than one?

3. Is it possible to rearrange the furniture to make this room look or feel roomier?

4. Are there too many pictures, posters or other items hanging on the walls?

5. Is there enough white space between the items hanging on the wall?

6. Are there too many plants in this room?

7. Do I have too many knick-knacks scattered around the room?

These are crucial questions to ask about your home for sale in Houston? Open houses should not even be considered let alone held until you have an honest, unbiased answer to each of them. By knowing what needs to be done, you can then prepare a plan to edit the excess items out of the room or rooms. This will allow your home to present itself in a more favorable light to potential buyers.

Problems Preparing for Houston Open Houses?

If you have problems decluttering, or simply do not know what to do to make your open houses a success, you can turn to the professionals. You can look at decorating or home living magazines. These can provide you with several hints on editing your living spaces. If this is too time consuming or you simply have no clue about how to approach the task, you could hire a professional – one who not only declutters but also organizes. This can then be followed up by hiring a stager. Your real estate agent can provide you with a few names to consider.

While it may be painful to edit your living spaces, it is a necessity. You need to show off your home to its very best if you want a viewer to make that step to buyer. Since in Houston, open houses are an integral part of selling your home, it is in your best interest to make sure you do the work to allow your home to look and show its very best to everyone who drops in.

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