The Most Beautiful Luxury Apartments in Upper East Side

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Real Estate

The Upper East Side is one of the world’s most beautiful areas. Located in one of the most scenic parts of Manhattan, it is truly a sight to behold. While there are a lot of luxury condos in these areas, very few people know what it’s like to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience that one can expect to enjoy in a luxury condo. If you’re so fortunate to live in one of these places, here are just a few of things you can expect to receive if you live in one of the most exclusive areas in the entire world let alone the United States.

Personal Service

Living in luxury apartments in Upper East Side is like being a cherished guest every day of the week. Rather than pulling into your home and being greeted by no one, most residents in luxury condos are treated as if they’re celebrities. In fact, most of the time the residents in these areas are actual celebrities. However, prestige is not a requirement to live here. As long as you can pay the bill to live there, you can enjoy the incredible lifestyle that comes with living in one of these exclusive areas. Personal service seems like a vague description of what you can expect, but in reality, is quite an accurate description.

Rather than having to park your car, most of these buildings offer complimentary car service. Instead of having to worry about parking space, most luxury condos have top-of-the-line secured parking. In a city like New York, this is a godsend considering how difficult and costly it can be to find parking in the city. One of these condos is truly the place to live like a king.

Beautiful Scenery

Another incredible quality of these areas is the beautiful scenery. Unlike other parts of New York where it’s clogged with lots of industry and high rises, this is one of the few areas of the city where you can enjoy an incredible view from wherever you are. Just about any window in a luxury apartment is a good view, and there is no doubt that you enjoy these views for a long time to come. It’s often hard to find a place that is truly scenic and beautiful, but most luxury apartments fit that description to a tee.

While some parts of luxury apartments may be more expensive than others are, it’s truly up to the individual resident as far as where they can enjoy their time. If they prefer to spend time with a panoramic view of the park, those types of residencies are available, but if someone is looking more along the lines of a straight-line view the city, those types of vacancies are also up for sale as well.

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