Taking Advantage of Opportunities at Phenix City AL

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Real Estate

Are you particularly knowledgeable of the civilian employment opportunities at Fort Benning? Yes, indeed, this place is not exclusive for military servicemen since there are civilian posts from accounting to administrative posts, not to mention technology and support systems specialists. Working here has its perks as you will be employed under the US Federal Government and will be hobnobbing with American soldiers and their families. You gain the advantages of competitive pay including benefits and privileges accorded to government employees. In terms of accommodations, there is no dearth of affordable apartments in Phenix City AL.

A military family as your next door neighbor
Living in an apartment allows you to have closer social relationships with military servicemen and their families who choose to live off the installation. Not all military families choose to live inside the installation as they want more convenient accommodations which are not limited to a military style of living. While the military housing has all the different amenities and facilities for a family, sometimes there are economic advantages of living in apartments Phenix City AL area. When the BAH or Basic Housing Allowance is higher than the apartment rental, the difference can be saved for a rainy day. Aside from providing a different environment, there may be other additional reasons for preferring to live outside of the installations.

The apartments may be a little farther off from the installation but you can definitely save on fuel expenses. You will be living minutes away from your employment which saves you from rushing to work. Besides that, the Phenix City is one secure place to live in due to the obvious presence of thousands of servicemen. Maximum visibility of military servicemen certainly discourages all those criminals who ply their trade in other communities.

It can be a great thing for children to be able to interact both with those whose parent/s are soldiers and those who belong to civilian community. This diverse community allows the children to be aware of the differences in traditions of being a military and a civilian. They learn to imbibe the strict regulations that military families are required to adhere to. Since Phenix City AL can be a beautiful place in summer with all those playgrounds and the abundance of flowers, not to mention the existence of good educational institutions, there is no reason why you cannot apply for civilian employment inside the installation.

Columbus, which is close to the fort, isn’t a bad town as it has been revitalized to encourage urban dwellers. Gone are the traces of its previous notoriety as it has been transformed into a prosperous community with an increasing population of military families. Raising kids in the area is generally better than in other states as it is significantly safer which can be a total blessing in itself. Just make sure to tap into all information available on housing to gain the best deals.

Before making a choice for apartments in Phenix City AL, it is important to make use of all resources to find those which can be convenient to meet your taste and preferences. For more details, visit Chastainproperties.com.

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