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by | Oct 23, 2013 | Property Management

After a tenant moves out, it is important to quickly begin marketing and advertising the new vacancy to avoid losing revenue. If you own a rental property, you likely understand the negative impact prolonged vacancies can have on your investment. However, effective marketing and advertising takes commitment, money, and time. Many property owners who are unable to fulfill certain managerial duties, such as marketing and advertising, rely on the expertise of real estate management. New Hampshire agents offer comprehensive and aggressive marketing services to clients and employ techniques guaranteed to deliver favorable results. They utilize their companies’ tried and tested marketing plans to garner as many prospective renters as possible which improve their clients’ chances of locating an individual who fits their standards for residency.

Strategic Approach
Property managers employ a variety of strategies to thoroughly broadcast vacancies on their clients’ properties. Many owners often do not have the time to continuously advertise openings on their properties and, therefore, may only garner a few interested tenants. Trained agents typically place ads online and in local publications, create signs, pass out flyers, hold open houses, and work through other rental market professionals to refer more interested applicants. Also, real estate management companies will advertise consistently until the vacancy on a client’s property has been filled. The total cost for marketing with a good management company is generally fair and normally averages out to what an owner would spend trying to advertise solo.

Tenant Move-Ins
After your agent’s marketing efforts have paid off and a tenant who meets the criteria has been chosen, they will oversee the move-in process on your behalf.  Completing tenant move-ins usually consists of a number of steps, such as leasing, walkthrough inspections, and rent collection. Your property manager will draw up a lease for the new tenant and ensure they understand their rights, restrictions, and obligations. Walkthrough inspections with a new tenant are also overseen by a property manager, which are usually concluded after the renter signs a written statement, verifying the condition of the property. This helps to avert any future discrepancies over damages the tenant may cause and refuse to take responsibility for. After a move-in date is scheduled, your agent will collect the first month’s rent and security deposit.

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