Midtown East Real Estate Underscores New York Living

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Real Estate

If you want to experience the sophistication and elegance of living in the “Big Apple,” then choosing to live in Midtown East real estate is the natural choice. This section of town commands the highest prices in real estate as well as takes you to the area where the “other half” lives.

One of the fringe benefits of living in this part of town, besides the elegance and luxury that it conveys, is that you are also close to Central Park. Central Park is reputedly the park to visit, whether you live in New York or not. However, when you live close to the nature site, you are given a special privilege—an opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful urban parks in the U.S.

Experiencing Central Park

Being located in Midtown real estate—condos or apartment homes—allows you to regularly visit hundreds of special Central Park attractions. Marked on the north by 110th Street, on the east by Fifth Avenue, on the south by 59th Street and on the west by Central Park West, Central Park permits you to experience natural greens and offers a pastoral escape in the United States’ most-populated U.S. city. Whether you are seeking a specific spot or wish to stroll or jog along one of the park’s hundreds of pathways, you will find each day and season offering something exciting and new.

Historic Attractions

One of the popular historic attractions in the park is the Central Park Carousel. The carousel, which was constructed in 1871, is open from April through November. You can also attend a “Shakespeare in the Park” summer festival at the park’s outdoor amphitheater. A fully functional weather station, Belvedere Castle, which was designed in 1865, offers panoramic views of the city landscape any time of the year.

The Green Lawn in Central Park – A Nice Nature Escape

The Green Lawn in the park, which is comprised of 55 acres, is located in the park’s center and spans from 79th to 85th streets. The park also features a number of manmade ponds, lakes, and bridle paths. Cherry blossom trees bloom in the springtime and the Wildlife Sanctuary in the park is a natural wooded area with a reservoir that is encircled by a running track.

Find a Peaceful Getaway in the Middle of the City

If you are looking for solace and quiet, you only need to visit Fifth Avenue and 10th Street in the park, which plays host to a Conservatory Garden. A romantic pinnacle that has been showcased in feature films, the Angel of the Waters or Bethesda Fountain is a focal interest point of the park’s

Bethesda Terrace. These amenities are just another one of the fringe benefits of living in Midtown East real estate.

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