Condos For Sale In New York City Upper West Side Offers Upscale Amenities

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Real Estate

New York City, and especially the Upper West Side, provides a lot of living options, especially if you want condos for sale. These buildings can provide shelter, but much more than that they can also provide upscale amenities you won’t find anywhere else. Each condo building offers its signature options, but you’ll likely find whatever you want, making it the best of both worlds. You have your personal space and common areas, such as pools or BBQ areas where you can relax.

Parks/Outside Attractions

Most people forget about outside attractions when considering amenities, thinking that they aren’t part of the building. While they are separate, they can provide hours upon hours of fun entertainment whether you are single or a large family. Therefore, it may be helpful to consider what’s around you and how you can use it. Central Park is an attractive place, as well as Riverside Park and all the restaurants, museums and boutiques in the area.


Most condo buildings offer a lounge area, where you can go to relax and visit with other patrons. While this may not seem like your style, they usually offer pool tables, libraries, desks and comfortable seating options to make it a more relaxed area. While you can always invite friends or patrons to your personal unit, it can also be fun to mix and mingle in the common areas.


Almost every movie featuring New York City has the characters up on the roof, enjoying the beauty that surrounds them. The reason is that it is breathtaking and magical. If your condo offers a rooftop terrace, you’ll probably find comfortable over-sized chairs, fire pits and possibly grills.


Health buffs are everywhere and even if you aren’t one right now, you may decide to get healthier and work out. Most people dislike traveling to a gym, but if there were a gym in your building, it would be hard to say no. Basketball courts can make a fun and enjoyable day, but you don’t have to play hoops to use it. In most cases, the court will turn into a yoga studio or tennis court, so you can get exercise in your favorite way. If that’s not enough, they usually provide popular exercise equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical machines, as well as free weights, weight machines, and kettlebells, so you work the entire body.

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