What is fueling realty growth in Surat?

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Real Estate

If you’re interested in snapping up a premium 3 BHK flat for sale in Surat, you should definitely understand the huge growth potential of Surat’s realty market and what is currently fueling the high and heady growth in the city. The realty market is definitely creating quite a stir in the city and infrastructural growth is being held as one of the biggest reasons behind the same. Steady growth in basic and social infrastructure has led to the rapid development of Surat’s real estate market while there are several governmental initiatives that have also contributed to the development of the market here. Investing in the real estate market in Surat is a good proposition in recent times. This is also a safe proposition currently as demand has always been very good in the city for residential projects. There are several reasons for this growing demand for residential projects. Several businessmen and professionals are snapping up properties in prime locations. Housing deals are mostly closed with a significant cash component and this is a little high in comparison to other property deals in several Indian cities. Loan defaulters are few and better loans are more accessible for buyers.

A 3 BHK flat for sale will be substantially cheaper in comparison to similar apartments in other cities of India. In spite of higher growth and rapid infrastructural progress, prices are still lower in comparison to properties in other cities. This has also fueled huge growth of the residential realty market. The NRI community has always fueled high growth in the residential market in Surat and has been a constant support for the realty market in Surat. The investor to buyer ratio is lower than other cities. Surat is a really safe and vibrant city for investments. The real estate market is still not dominated by leading realty brands and companies who charge premium prices for most of their projects.

Buying a 3 BHK flat for sale will always be a good proposition for investors and buyers as there are several entertainment and recreational options that are increasingly available for residents of the city. Staggering infrastructural and residential growth have transformed Surat into a realty hub in recent times. Businessmen and traders also prefer Surat over Ahmedabad and Vadodara owing to easy access to Mumbai which is only a couple of hours away by car.

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