What Do Phoenix Property Management Companies Do?

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Real Estate

Phoenix property management companies provide services for property owners to ensure adequate leasing for their houses or apartment complexes. A management company is the initial contact your tenants meet. With this knowledge, it is important to select a company that best represents you as a property owner. The process begins by selecting a management company and entering into a contract providing your permission to lease and maintain your property. Most contracts include your preferred service providers, whether they are plumbers or electricians to perform repairs within it in your absence. Once the contract is signed the leasing company advertises the availability of the property in local media outlets. As calls come in regarding the house or apartment, the assigned manager responds and schedules appointments to meet prospective tenants.

The manager acts as a real estate agent in that they show your property to potential tenants to get their approval. Once the tenant is satisfied with the property, he or she signs a lease. The manager reviews your preferred rules and guidelines with the new tenant and collects a deposit and rent in the amount you specify. If you prefer that the manager will run a credit check or verify the tenants employment these procedures are followed prior to the lease signing. The manager will review the credit history to meet your specifications and ensure that the tenant is employed. If you prefer they will additionally determine the length of time the tenant has worked for his or her employer. Once the lease is signed all deposits, and rental funds are sent to you.

The property management companies will inspect the property if you prefer in intervals that you specify within your contract. He or she will additionally oversee any required maintenance of the property when service calls are requested. The manager collects rental payments on the date you specify as the due date. When tenants are late in paying rent, he or she will charge a fee based on your requirements. The manager will perform cold calling techniques when a payment is behind or tenants do not fulfill their rental requirements. If a tenant fails to comply with your guidelines and rules, the manager will take action on your behalf to remove them from the property.

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