Visiting Kenya – The Ultimate Travel Destination

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Kenya is a dream destination for any travel company to sell. It literally is the country that has everything. From a wildlife perspective it has the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) as well as the famous migration that has been labelled the 8th wonder of the world. You can hand-feed giraffes or walk with elephants that were adopted as orphans and are now fully grown to become the largest mammals on the earth. There are romantic balloon ride safaris that sweep you silently across the magnificent landscapes – taking in either a glorious sunrise or sunset. Then there are the over 500 miles of magnificent white beaches on which to relax. There are 45 national parks to enjoy and many bustling and exotic cities to explore. The people with their warmth and welcome, and the fascinating Maasai culture, ensures that Kenya really does have it all.

The greatest show on earth – the great migration in Kenya

Anyone who has witnessed this migration will tell you that it is an unmissable event. The animals that make this migration spectacular are the one and a half million wildebeest, followed by about a quarter of a million zebra, and a few thousand gazelle. They start the long trek north in about April, following paths carved out by experience or instinctual memory. Moving through the grassy plains of East Africa, these enormous herds cause the ground to shake beneath their hooves. This is ‘big sky’ country and it’s possible to make-out vast swathes of animals that engulf the horizon.

The great migration takes place in the Maasai Mara in Kenya (usually around August and September) and the Serengeti in Tanzania (September and October). The names of both reserves conjure up the romance of Africa and seem to be drawn from a Hemingway novel. The Maasai Mara is a magnificent place to visit. It is a place of dazzling light and star-filled skies. River crossings can start as early as May and, from November, the migration takes place again in the opposite direction.

What makes the migration even more thrilling is that this is a heyday for predators. Most tourists enjoy a sighting of the big cats, and these are in abundance trailing the passing herds. Then there are the river crossings, which are a spectacular sight. Crocodiles make merry during this four-month period, feeding in frenzy as the waters become packed with raging herds, and the rivers roil with thrashing activity as crocodiles strike and animals fight to free themselves.

Consult travel company reviews in Kenya

Those who have witnessed the migration recommend that every tourist puts this high on their bucket list. It’s a primal, brutal and yet majestic sight of untamed nature. Many suggest consulting with a reliable travel agent or checking on Travel Company reviews in Kenya owing to the seasonal variation in migration patterns. It has happened that people have missed the migration altogether, while a professional would have taken them to its heart.

Ultimately, the migration is the quintessential African experience that creates echoes of the past and of a shared heritage. It is the same as it was many thousands of years ago, and it connects you with the ancient rhythms of the planet.

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