Townhouses: Ensuring Personal Comfort and Convenience

by | Aug 13, 2012 | Real Estate

The term townhouse refers to a home that shares the building with other units and shared walls with no other units above and below. Townhomes used to be cramped spaces that are inexpensive and good enough for a couple with one child. Nowadays, townhomes are almost approximately the same size than the single detached homes or even bigger in some cases. Townhomes are no longer considered as a less expensive investment since townhomes have evolved into luxurious communities with their own amenities like a resort. Living in a Townhome in Fort Benning GA has its benefits.

Homeowners Association

The homeowners association is perhaps the most notable advantage of living in a townhouse. You don’t have to worry about mowing the grass, watering the plants and not being able to go to work because the snow in the driveways has not been plowed. The homeowners association takes care of exterior maintenance, roof replacements including garbage disposals.

Clubhouse Amenities

In addition to the common area maintenance, residents of a Townhome in Fort Benning GA gain the advantages of luxurious clubhouse amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center. Townhomes usually have a common playground for children that often include basketball courts or tennis courts. The children enjoy the camaraderie of others of the same age which satisfies their needs for friends and playmates. They can easily get together at the pool while the parents are spending time at the fitness center.

Municipal Services

Since townhomes are almost like a small community, they get their water from the municipal wells and share in the sewers. A single detached home often requires the private well and septic setup at the owner’s expense.

Lifestyle Options

Townhomes vary in sizes and models. An individual can have a pick of the townhouse that will suit his lifestyle and requirements. There are townhomes that can be expensive and luxurious like other homes which can easily fit any kind of lifestyle. For individuals who are always on the go, a homeowners association means no maintenance to think about. A traditional house carries with it lots of responsibilities not only with regards to maintenance but repairs and replacements.

Close Proximity to other Amenities

Many townhomes are in close proximity to mass transports, groceries, shopping centers, restaurants and even schools and offices. They are not located in far-flung areas where there is a need to commute and endure heavy traffic. It is very convenient for office workers since the townhome is usually just within driving distance to the offices.

More Options for Friendships and Group Activities

Living in a townhouse community allows for friendships among neighbors to develop. Many family activities are held especially during Christmas season or Halloween. There are many options for creating group activities due to the presence of many neighbors. Many townhome communities organize their own parties and gatherings to develop closer relationships.

Sometimes, relocation cannot be avoided and townhomes become a very viable option because renting a townhome means a no-maintenance environment whereas renting a single home carries with it a higher level of responsibilities.


Living in a townhome Fort Benning GA area brings with it a lot of perks and advantages. When you want to find one that will suit your lifestyle and budget, visit

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