The Brooklyn Bridge

While you casually search for furnished apartments in Brooklyn, you will see the mile plus long Brooklyn Bridge stretching across the East River. Even if you don’t know the history behind it, you’ll recognize it from many on-screen appearances.

A Quick History of the Brooklyn Bridge

John A Roebling was the original architect of the immense Brooklyn Bridge. He made history when he used steel cage wiring on it, something that was unheard of way back in 1883. According to Britannica, Roebling and the builders of the bridge were also the first people ever to use explosives during the construction of one. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time.

Views from the Bridge

When you view New York and it’s landmarks from the bridge, you will get a view of them that is unique in comparison to anywhere else in the Big Apple. For example, if you wanted to get a spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty, this is a good place to pull out your video camera. The landscape of the city is also wonderful from there, especially if you wanted to get some photos of Lower Manhattan. Thousands of local residents with furnished apartments in Brooklyn utilize the Brooklyn Bridge every day; some on their commute to work, others just appreciating its presence and grand stature.

The Brooklyn Bridge on the Big Screen

As you sit comfortably in your furnished apartment in Brooklyn and watch television, you’ll notice that the Brooklyn Bridge is not just right outside, but is also the backdrop for many movies that may have come on FX or HBO. If you were caught up in superhero films that day and decided to watch the first “Spiderman” movie, you’ll recognize the structure from when the Green Goblin was dangling Mary Jane from it. If you were watching “The Fantastic Four” you’ll see that it was on the bridge that Ben, aka “The Thing” gets a guy to stop from jumping off of it.

It was mentioned earlier that explosives were used to create the Brooklyn Bridge, but there were many times that it was actually blown up on the big screen. The movie “I Am Legend” is one of them. In it, the bridge gets blown up to keep the vampire monsters away. The way it was fictionally demolished with such great detail in other films such as “Godzilla” and Independence Day” will almost make you want to look outside a window of your furnished apartment in Brooklyn, just to see that it still stands sturdy and strong, safe and unharmed. It is a piece of architecture that is close to our hearts, and will remain as one of the greatest ever built.

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