The Advantages Of Choosing Luxury Apartments On The Upper East Side

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Real Estate

The Upper East Side in New York City is one of the best places to live for a variety of reasons. You’re close to all the entertainment you need and can choose from a wide range of luxury apartments, all with the best amenities and features available. You’ll get to live in a desirable neighborhood and be close to the glamor and excitement of the city.

Why It’s So Different

In New York City, you’ve got four major areas, including The UWS, UES, Soho, and Greenwich Village. Some say Greenwich Village is the best and most exciting place to be, though the living quarters may leave something to be desired. Likewise, historical sites are easier to find in Soho, and the UWS has many ethnicities. However, the UES living spaces are larger and have high ceilings, as well as more room and other specialties.


Everyone is worried about their budget, whether they have a six-figure income or not. Luxury apartments on the Upper East Side will be more expensive than similar options in other places. However, when you factor in that you will have so many entertainment options and anything/everything you could hope for in the building, you may find that all those luxurious perks make it worthwhile.

You’ll find private lounges, libraries, theaters, fitness centers, guest suites, and much more. Just imagine inviting a long-time friend from another state. They can stay in a spacious suite when you two aren’t hanging out, complete with a private kitchen. You can reserve it whenever your friends can come by, ensuring that they experience NYC in a new way.

You may also find pools, spas, and other luxuries that couldn’t be found anywhere but New York, ensuring that you’re always relaxed and energized for your week ahead.

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