Singles Turn to Property Managers to Save Time and Money When Renting Property

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Real Estate

Working and owning real estate can be overwhelming. In addition, single parenthood can be stressful and time-consuming.  How are you supposed to deal with the added pressure of renting your property?  Are you single with no kids?  How do you take care of all of the maintenance issues alone?  Your time is precious; consulting property managers can help you get your rental property ready and, even though you will be paying an initial fee, can get you a bigger return on your investment.

Personalized Service
It is important to be able to have your real estate issues resolved quickly and with transparency.  Working with property managers can be beneficial because they can take care of all your business without wasting any time.  Your manager should be able to make and receive calls for you as well as make decisions based on what you need.  Your manager can save you money by getting your unit up and ready to fill as soon as possible, saving you money on carrying costs.

Fixing Problems
When looking at property managers, Orange County investors should choose someone who is professional and available to meet their needs.  When it comes to maintenance issues, single owners know there is almost always something to fix.  Your manager should be able to help you fix every issue.  Depending on the company you work with, your manager may be able to assess your problems, give you estimates, and have it fixed.  At the very least, your manager can help you by being the person to oversee the unit as it is being fixed so that you do not have to remain on-site.  You have better things to do, like spending time with your child, than wait around for the plumber to show up.

Filling the Property
The goal of rental property ownership is to have your units filled and to make profits.  Your manager should handle everything that goes with renting a property.  Dynamic advertising, background checks, and employment screenings:  these are all benefits of working with a professional.  You can rest assured you are getting a good renter who is less likely to vandalize your investment.  Attend to life’s responsibilities and let a professional do the property management work.

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