Seeking Fine Jewelry for Your Beloved? Don’t Want to Break the Bank? Estate Sales Are the Answer

by | Mar 1, 2012 | Real Estate

Are you on the lookout for fine jewelry in Orange County? Trying to find the perfect piece for your beloved, but do not want to go broke doing it? Estate sales could provide just the place to find fine quality jewelry at reasonable and affordable prices.

Whether you are trying to find the perfect vintage ring to pop that long awaited question, a beautiful brooch for your mom for Mother’s Day, or a high-quality pair of earrings for your next anniversary, you can probably find an excellent piece of fine jewelry by looking at estate sales in Orange County. Because estate sales are usually held when someone’s family member has passed away or because they are quickly trying to liquidate assets, prices are often set to make sure that all of the items sell.

Many times when you purchase fine jewelry at retail prices, you are not only paying for the value of the item but also paying a huge markup so that the store can turn a big profit and meet their overhead costs. When items are purchased at estate sales, the price set is much closer to the fair market value of the item and takes into account the fact that the piece, however pristine it may be, is still a used item. In addition, if there are very few buyers to bid on a particular item, its cost will remain relatively low. Consequently, you can find many fabulous bargains.

In order to successfully purchase used jewelry at estate sales, you will want to preview the items available ahead of time. Most sales are advertised in advance with listings of what items or what types of items will be for available. By previewing upcoming estate sales throughout Orange County, you can make decisions regarding which sales will be offering items in which you would be interested. Before heading to the location on the day of the estate sale, have an idea of how high you would be willing to bid for particular pieces of jewelry and then stick to that limit once at the sale.

With a little advance planning, you can have the ring, necklace, watch, or earrings of your dreams at a cost that is within your budget. By checking for area sales, you will be able to ascertain which ones will have any sort of jewelry available. And, who knows, by frequenting Orange County estate sales, you may be able to get all of your gift buying finished for the special people in your life without having to liquidate all of your own assets to do so.

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