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by | Sep 10, 2014 | Property Management

Sacramento consists of a total of 100.105 square miles with land covering 97.915 of those miles and water contributing to approximately 2.190 square miles. The population is 2,082,670 with 760,698 households, and of those that make up the count, 45% are White, 14.6% are African American, 18.3% are Asian Americans, and 22% consist of other races. There are several nicknames accredited to the city of Sacramento, including SAC-Town, Sacto, SAC, America’s Most Diverse City, and the Camillia City of the World. Maybe the City of Nicknames should be added to the list of famous names.

Around the City

There are a multitude of high-energy events and attractions happening in and around an area near you. There is sure to be something to please every taste beginning with the California State Railroad Museum, Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, and the California Automobile Museum. Kids will love Fairytale Town, Sacramento Zoo, and the Tower Bridge, and for the artistically inclined, the Sacramento Theatre Company is a nice place to visit. Relax and take in some majestic scenery and nature at the Loch Leven Lakes Trail & the Shepard Garden and Arts Center. The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center offers a bit of an educational adventure for all ages. Sacramento has a lot to offer and equally as much to be proud of, as The Sacramento Park System was recognized as the third ranked Park System in the Nation of all Metropolitan Park Systems.

The Numbers of Sacramento

Sacramento has a per capita income of $29,278 compared to the average $27,466 of all U.S. residents and an average household income of $61,087 compared to the U.S. average of $52,175. Sacramento’s homes average a value of $390,500 with 23% of their residents paying 30% or more of their annual income in rent. The average monthly rental amount in the city is $1,301 monthly for a three bedroom single-family home. The rental percentage of Sacramento is 37% compared to the 63% of residents who own their home. The rental vacancy rate is 7%, and 74% of the houses are valued at $300,000 or greater. The average household size is around 2.76 people compared to the U.S. resident average of 2.56. Education in Sacramento is widespread and greatly utilized, as 87% of the residents there have a high school diploma and at least 30% of the residents have at least a four-year degree.

Sacramento is a prosperous city with wonderful opportunities for growth. Real Property Management Sac-Metro recognizes growth potential as an enhancement to the quality of life for residents. Check out this link to know about some emerging facts property investor should know about Sacramento real estate markets.


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