Real Property Management Provides Outstanding Service to Oceanside Investors

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Real Estate

When looking for a property management firm to handle your property investments, consider Real Property Management. When it comes to property management, nobody is better.

Superior Online Access
With access to so many websites listing properties, RPM does a great job of finding tenants quickly. This means that your property will not be sitting vacant while someone else is making money on their hard-earned investment; you will be the one with the checks rolling in every month. RPM has done the research to discover that over 90% of new tenants will look for their next property online. This is why they have invested so much of their income into the online realm, creating a large internet footprint just for you.

Detailed Screenings of Potential Tenants
The screening process is beyond anything you will find with other property management companies. Real Property Management will not only do credit and criminal background screenings, but they will also go through the process of interviewing prior landlords of the potential tenants to see if there is any history of slow pay or eviction that does not show up anywhere else. Now you know that you will not only get tenants quickly, but they will be quality tenants as well.

Tenant Support
The property management work does not stop there with RPM. The focus is just as much on the tenant as it is the owner. The best way to get good tenants is to provide good service. A phone number is provided to all tenants so they can call RPM in the middle of the night when their bathtub overflows, instead of calling you and waking your family. If repairs are needed, we handle them for you, quickly and efficiently. We even do quarterly inspections of your properties, inside and out, to make sure they are being taken care of appropriately. In the rare case that an eviction is necessary, we will handle the process for you. In other words, your time is important to you, and it is important to us too.

You can access information about your properties anytime, day or night. This can be done from a computer, smart phone or tablet, or anywhere you have an internet connection. Log into your portal and see what is happening with your properties with regards to repairs and maintenance, rent, and even when the next inspection is due. You do not have to wait for information; it is sitting there at your fingertips waiting for you to collect it. Do not delay; you have earned the right to start making money on your investment today.

Real Property Management is the #1 rental management company in the United States. Inc. Magazine listed RPM as one of the fastest growing companies in North America. Real Property Management in Oceanside is your number one choice for property management in San Diego, California.

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