Making Sure You Are Protected as a Landlord in a Commercial Lease

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Real Estate

Hiring the best and most qualified landlord representation in Atlanta can be critical to your interests. A firm providing you with landlord representation should see to it that you are fully protected in any lease agreement before you sign. A commercial lease is generally an agreement for long-term use and your biggest concern will always be protection of your property.

What You Need in a Commercial Lease Agreement

Before you put pen to paper and sign a lease agreement, it is critical that your financial and personal interests are covered.

  • Always, and that does mean always, research any prospective tenant’s finances. If the prospective tenant operates their business as an entity, you should still check their personal credit, as that is always a good indication of their character as well as their financial history.
  • Any prospective tenant must be able to provide you with proof that they are fully insured.
  • Make sure that any lease you sign has a “specific use” provision written into it. You don’t really want to lease office space to someone only to find out that they are running an illegal business on your property.
  • Do not think it is too much to ask to review prospective tenant’s business plans. If your property is constantly turning over due to business failures, sooner or later it will become harder to find anyone willing to lease it.
  • Be sure that there are provisions in the lease, particularly multiyear leases, allowing for rent increases.
  • It is your property, and while you want to get it leased, the more research you do and the more selective you are in your choice of tenant, the higher the probability that this will be a beneficial deal for you.

Dividend Commercial Real Estate offers landlord representation in Atlanta based on your needs. They want what you want, to have your property occupied and earning you money.

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