Luxury Condos In NYC

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Real Estate

Luxury in the Big Apple is a cut above the rest. The sophistication of the city seeps into everyday life for the everyman, but those seeking luxury can find unexpected extravagance here. Luxury condos in NYC come with extra indulgences that aren’t common in the rest of the world.


Interior design has flourished in the city that never sleeps, and that is evident nowhere more than luxury condos in NYC. The vision of an excellent designer will enhance the life of the residents in subtly and unobvious ways every day. Because of the limitations of space in the city, current design trends lean toward open, airy, natural light-filled spaces. The best designs will incorporate the history and iconic nature of the city’s buildings with new, modern looks to create homes and condos that contain character without sacrificing history. Typical luxury design will include not just large windows and open floorplans, but also those minor conveniences that change the way a resident lives in small, subtle manners, like rooftop terraces, high-end appliances and fixtures, and use of space that maximizes livability while minimizing wasted square footage.


Even more than design, the amenities offered in luxury condos in NYC show the careful, deliberate intent to add to the peace of mind and comfort of the residents. Tile floors, fireplaces and elegant details in every room give the feel of luxury and opulence without being glaring or garish. The buildings’ offerings to its residents, such as on-site parking, fitness rooms and spas, children’s playrooms and leisurely lobbies for meeting visitors add to quality of life without sacrificing time or money.


While the building itself is a substantial part of the feel of luxury condos in NYC, one must not overlook the importance of the surrounding area. A neighborhood location that is easily accessible by subway, by foot, and by vehicle is paramount. More than that, a place that is rich in both history and necessities such as restaurants, cafes, shopping and galleries will lend itself to concept of luxuriousness that you’re looking for. A place near Central Park and Museum Mile, in the hub of Manhattan, offers all of that and more.

Seeking out a home in a luxury condo in NYC means taking into account every facet of your life and every preference in your lifestyle. It means finding that niche in the city that will feed your needs without sacrificing your wants. Luxury condos in NYC aren’t just places to live, they are places for life.

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