Is Having a Roommate a Good Idea?

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Real Estate

In today’s economy, those living on their own for the first time will find living alone a daunting task. Prices are too high for one person to pay, and they seem to only be getting higher. Thankfully, most apartments allow two or more people to group up as roommates, to share the load. But is this a good idea in the grand scheme of things? If you are looking for apartments in downtown San Diego, and you are curious as to the upsides of a roommate, here is a short list of the main benefits.

#1. Lightened financial load

The obvious benefit of having a roommate is that you both share the rent. This takes what would otherwise have been an unbearable load and turns it into a manageable living expense. This is the first reason people jump to when they defend the concept of having a roommate. And for good reason; more income coming in means that you don’t have to spend everything on rent, and can actually have some money left over for you.

#2. Someone to talk to

Even if you don’t like your roommate, at least you’ll have someone regularly around that you can talk to. One of the main problems most people face when living on their own for the first time is loneliness. It’s hard to adjust to living in a house for the first time, and knowing that there’s nobody else there. A roommate is a good set of training wheels, in this case, for helping deal with this very issue.

#3. A sense of security

When you’re living independently for the first time, it can be daunting to have to return every night to a dark, empty apartment. While some might see having a roommate as potentially not helping (i.e. if they have a criminal record, they have access to all of your things) this is highly unlikely to happen. Especially nowadays with the advent of the internet, where someone’s past actions, particularly their potentially illegal actions, are up online for all to see. Having a roommate ensures an extra level of security for the nervous first-timer, who would rather not have to deal with the feeling of paranoia a new apartment can cause in the middle of the night.

Roommates are, despite the occasional horror story, a boon to people moving into their own place for the first time. They handle half the rent, provide an extra level of security, and give you someone to interact with, so you don’t feel as alone as you would otherwise. In the best cases, getting a roommate is signing up for a best friend. For more information Visit Pacific Gate By Bosa.

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