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by | Jun 29, 2018 | Real Estate

Everyone who comes to New York City has their dream of New York. New York is a city built on the hopes of millions of immigrants who made at their home, built its infrastructure, designed its buildings, and permanently etched New York onto the consciousness of an entire world. Buying a piece of the dream takes hard work, but when you buy a home in New York City, you know you have made it.

Special Gems

Condos in buildings built before the second world war are especially sought after. With spacious interiors, coved and coffered ceilings, hardwood floors, and numerous windows to take advantage of natural light, these buildings are undergoing a 21st-century Renaissance. 360 Central Park West is an example of a passion for preservation while delicately balancing modern needs with exquisite period details. The Art Deco gem by Rosario Candela was built in 1929 and is among the loveliest examples of early 20th-century architecture. In fact, Architectural Digest lauded Candela as an architect without whom the dream of New York would not exist. Finding condominium apartments for sale in any of his buildings is considered a feat of persistence and real estate wheeling and dealing.

Your Crown Jewel

The Upper West Side is one of New York’s most sought-after neighborhoods. It offers excellent schools; cultural activities are on tap as well as bars and restaurants, galleries and museums, with Central Park and all of its many activities in pride of place. Condos at 360 Central Park West are perfect for a first home in the thick of New York, or as a family home for those seeking the very best. You don’t need to move into one of the new glass marvels downtown to live a 21st-century life. Make a residence in this landmark building into a crown jewel of your achievement.

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