Condos For Sale In Manhattan: Why Consider Them

by | May 17, 2017 | Real Estate

If you need a new home and you want to live in The Big Apple, you aren’t going to find traditional houses. Condos for sale in Manhattan are the perfect option for you because you still own the unit and can make changes as you see fit. The only differences are that you will not own the property, will have an HOA and will have certain rules to follow.

No Land

While the condo is a building that sits on the property, you don’t have any hold on the property itself. You will own your unit, which can be quite substantial but won’t get a title for the land or building. While this can be seen as a downfall, you also won’t have to pay taxes on the land and won’t be responsible for maintenance or repairs to the building. However, read through the rules and terms before signing, as each condo building is different.

More Amenities

A traditional house can seem like the best place to live because it is secluded and you don’t share it with anyone else. However, you also won’t have as many luxuries, such as pools, fitness centers, yoga studios, lounges, club rooms, theaters and more. All of these things could be added to a home and surrounding property, but it would cost a lot to maintain.

Similarly, you’ll get the latest technology built into condos for sale in Manhattan. They know you want the finest options possible, so they offer Bluetooth keyless entry and smartphone access, key-coded elevators, WiFi hotspots, generators, automated thermostats and lighting, and many other features.

You will also have a variety of services at your disposal, such as concierge, doormen, laundry rooms, hand-delivered mail and more. Pet spas and pet-friendly condos for sale in Manhattan are also prevalent. For more information visit Hudson Yards.

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