3 Things to Keep In Mind When Searching for Apartments for Sale on the Upper East Side

by | May 3, 2016 | Real Estate

Apartments for sale in NYC Upper East Side are not all the same. The Upper East Side is one of the favorite residential areas in NYC. Most of the buildings in the area are very well kept but they do not all offer the types of amenities that provide the lifestyle that is most wanted. There are three things that you should keep in mind when you are searching that can help you to weed through the apartments to find not only the apartment that you will love but the building that you will love as well.

  1. Historic value. There is a difference between an old building and a historic building. Agents use terms like “historic” to describe older buildings but it is not always an accurate term to use. Sometimes a building is just old. Living in a historic building is so NYC as long as the building has up to date infrastructure, amenities and modernized apartments. To avoid viewings in just “old” buildings instead of a well-kept historic building do a little research before you head out. Spending a few minutes checking out the building’s background will help you to decide if you are dealing with “old” or “historic”.
  2. Neighborhood. The Upper East Side is sort of lumped together but a block one way or the other really matters when it comes to convenience. Look at the address and see what is immediately surrounding the building. Does it offer easy access to the park? What restaurants are nearby? It matters.
  3. Features. What does the apartment have to offer that makes it a stand out option? Features matter. What are the floors made of? Design, features and amenities are what pull together a lifestyle.

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